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I can’t believe Mila turned 4 on Friday. She is officially no longer a toddler, and now…a little girl? From now on, is that what I refer to her as?  It kind of breaks my heart. Four just seems so much older than 3, do you agree? When she turned 3, she still felt so very small to me. We still had quite a bit of time until she would go to school, and perhaps that alone made me feel like she was still very much a toddler. But now that she’s 4, it’s like a light switch has gone off and I just want to press the pause button on time. I don’t want her to get any bigger, and I certainly don’t want to come to terms with the fact that come this Fall, she won’t be at home with us every day but instead, she will be starting a new, independent adventure at school.

Well anyway, more on that later. For now, I’ll get to the point on why I’ve made this blog post. I’ve been getting some requests for additional photos of Mila’s bunny themed party decor, so I figured I would share it here!

Lately, Unicorn theme parties have been all the rage. We thought it would be fun to do something a little bit different. We decided on a bunny theme because (a). Mila loves bunnies and (b). Easter is coming up, which means…bunny decor is everywhere and  (c). Spring in the air has got me craving pastels, tulips, and chocolate eggs.

Royal and Rose were kind enough to gift these beautiful birthday crowns to Mila and Brielle, because let’s be honest… if big sis has one, little sis needs one too. These crowns are so adorable, and the floral prints were perfect for our Spring bunny theme. Royal and Rose has a fantastic birthday selection, so I highly recommend checking them out (they currently don’t have a website, but you can find them on Instagram)!

We had a local cake shop make this gorgeous bunny cake for Mila – it was almost too pretty to eat! I love the gold accents on it and Mila lost her mind when she saw that it was made for her special day.

We filled up some wine glasses with yummy treats to compliment the party theme – chocolate eggs, bunny candies, and ring pops. And to bring the whole party look together…more fresh flowers, because you can never have too many. These tulips  were 3 bunches for $20, the fresh Eucalyptus was on sale for $3.00/bunch, and I added some baby’s breath for filler.

I asked my talented father to draw me the ‘Some Bunny is 4’ picture shown below. I wish I had half of the artistic talent that he has, and he always does such an incredible job.

I decided on pastel colours for the balloons as well as the ‘Happy Birthday’ sign.

I was given so many great birthday party ideas through Instagram, thank you so much! It was so fun decorating for this event, and Mila had a blast. But seriously…how do four year olds have so much energy? I may just take them to Chuck E. Cheese next year. 

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