Here’s a list of my favourite things (current obsessions, must haves, and loves) for the month of June!


Favourite Product: Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

For the past few months my skin has been giving me a little bit of a hard time. It’s been so much more oily than usual (thank you breastfeeding hormones). I wanted to pick up a really good mask to even out my complexion and help with the access oil…this mask had me sold after the first use!

This mask is meant to detoxify the skin and pull out all of the dirt, impurities, and toxins. It’s great for all skin types (which is a huge bonus because my skin goes back and forth from oily to dry depending on the season, time of the month, and eating habits). I picked this mask up and fell in love after the first use. I use it three times per week for ten minutes each time and it has made a huge difference in my complexion…and the GLOW after using it makes me feel like I just got a spa facial. This one’s a keeper!

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

Click here to learn more about the mask!


Fashion Favourite

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice one-piece swimsuit for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love bikinis, but sometimes (well, a lot of the time) I want that bit of extra coverage and the security of knowing that when my baby is pulling at my top, it’ll stay in place. I love how one-piece swimsuits are popular again. I’ve seen some gorgeous one-pieces that still have a bit of sexy to them, because that’s the thing…most of us want a balance of sexy and “appropriate” (well, unless you’re on your honeymoon or just super comfortable with your body…all the power to you!!) 

On my hunt for a nice one-piece, I found two at La Vie En Rose Aqua that are absolutely gorgeous. They are VERY flattering in all of the right places, a little bit sexy but also super comfortable. Check them out!

Check it out here

Check it out here


Favourite Mantra

Inspirational quote

I think every single one of us can relate to this quote. Being a mom, I find I’m always talking about the future – the next stage my one year old will master, the next time I’ll be able to sleep again (for real), and the anticipation of the next family vacation. I think all of us do this to some extent, and this is such a good reminder to be mindful about living in the present moment, because well…that’s all we know we have.


Favourite Healthy Living Tip: Phone Free Evenings

Nick and I decided to eliminate phone use from 4:30pm-7:00pm every day. We started to pay attention to how often we were picking up our phones just to “check something quickly”. We noticed we were doing it WAY too often and most of the time, unnecessarily. Simply put…we were becoming too distracted by our phones and not being completely present with one another and our kids. So, we decided to make a commitment to put our phones away until the kids go to sleep every night, and it’s been the best change that we have made.


Favourite Mommy Moment: Brielle’s First Birthday Party

Brielle (my youngest daughter) turned one on May 25 and we had a garden party themed birthday party. It was such a fun day and little B had a blast.

I still can’t believe she’s already one! Her first year flew by so quickly, and she’s really developed a personality over the last few months. It’s so interesting observing how different Mila and Brielle are (although they are also very similar in many ways). Brielle is a bold, fearless, extroverted little thing while Mila has always been quieter, more sensitive and reflective. Brielle loves her big sis, and it’s amazing how much Mila has taught her. They are at an age where they are either stealing each other’s toys and crying, or loving on each other big time with hugs, kisses, and giggles.

Here’s a few pictures from B’s first birthday party!





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