One of the most important life lessons I’ve learned thus far is that lasting change happens when you alter your DAILY routine in some capacity. Your daily routine speaks volumes about your overall lifestyle – it tells a story about what is important to you, what you choose to make time for, and how you decide to live your life.  These simple actions that you do every single day become a part of who you are.

Do you feel like the things you choose to do (or not do) every day are allowing you to live your best life? Think: the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the activities you partake in, and your sleep patterns and work routines?  Sometimes we slowly begin to realize that what we are doing every day isn’t serving us in some capacity. So, if you can begin to positively change aspects of your daily routine (i.e., switching out unhelpful, counter-productive habits with health focused, positive habits) your mind and body will reap the benefits and you will experience lasting change.


Here is a list of 10 health-focused things I do every single day that have become my daily habits. They have made a tremendous difference in my: stress levels, exhaustion, happiness, and overall wellness. 


My Daily Wellness Routine - 10 Daily Habits for Healthier and Happier Living


1. Eat Breakfast Within 1 Hour of Waking Up

Think: Lean Protein, Fresh Fruit, Healthy Fats, and Whole Grains

2. Spend 10 Minutes on Stress Reducing Techniques

Think: Journaling, Nature Walk or 10 Minute Meditation

3. Prioritize Healthy Eating

Think: Plan Ahead – Limit Processed Foods and Fuel On Nutritionally Dense Ones (for more on my tips on healthy eating, click here

4. Check Off Your 3-5 ‘To-Do’s’

Think: Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed by Making a Short ‘Must Accomplish’ List for the Day

5. Set Up A Workplace For Success

Think: Listen to Music and Let In Natural Light

6. Get Fresh Air

Think: Be Deliberate About Making Time to Spend Outdoors

7. Thank Someone

Think: Take a Moment to Notice and Appreciate Someone Else 

8. Move Your Body

Think: Make Time To Exercise (Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity – Especially on Busy Days)

9. Unplug & Be Present

Think: Schedule in 1 Hour to be Electronic Free

10. Moments of Gratitude

Think: First Thought In The Morning and Last Thought Before Bed – Reflect & Find Gratitude (For More Tips on Finding Gratitude, click here.)


My Daily Wellness Routine: 10 Daily Habits for Healthier and Happier Living




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