A little bit of realness right here. Sometimes I get people messaging me asking me how I always have my “ducks in order.” How my home is always perfectly clean, whether my kids fight (ALL OF THE TIME), and if I ever wear sweats all day.  It made me feel like I needed to write a brief blog post talking about My Honest Motherhood.

I started my Instagram Page for a few reasons. One, I love taking beautiful photos of my family and it’s been a way for me to share parts of our life with the world. It’s like my little online photo album that I’ll be able to look back through and relive when my babies are grown up. These photos I share are authentically “me” – authentically “us”. We love being out and about, enjoy seeing the world as glass half full, and try and live every day to its fullest.

I also love sharing my interests and passions with my followers. I’ve become such a believer in women supporting women, striving for progress NOT perfection, and inspiring one another in various areas of our lives. Instagram has done this for me – I’ve made amazing friends through my blogging journey, and I’m so very grateful for that. 

With all of that said, Instagram is very much a glimpse of only parts of our lives. My feed is a snapshot of our daily activities and beautiful moments. Parenting is HARD and it’s a constant juggling act. There are many days that I feel exhausted – emotionally or physically, or both. There are moments where I wonder how the heck I’ll have dinner ready, laundry done (oh, and reality – it usually takes me 4 days to complete it) and simply make it to the 8pm hour. I often question myself as a mother – whether I’m doing this whole parenting thing right, wifey thing right, and friend thing right. I think it’s fair to say that every mother questions herself a little bit too often, and I’m no exception to that. Much of my reality is watching the kids make a disaster of the house, breaking up “fights”, and ensuring Brielle isn’t colouring all over herself or getting into the toilet water. 


With all of this said, each of us has the opportunity to actively decide how we handle day to day challenges in our lives. I have found that focusing on the beautiful things while paying less attention to the frustrating things does nothing but fuel me with good thoughts and good feelings. I have my days where I vent, cry, or just try and hold it together. I think we all sometimes need to have those days – we need to deal with our emotions in order to overcome them. But, as I’ve said before…I just don’t pack up and live there.

 So, for all those momma’s feeling exhausted, emotionally depleted, and in a state of complete chaos – I too have been there, and I’ll be there a thousand times again. You are human, and I promise you that you are way too hard on yourself. This too shall pass, and tomorrow is a new day. 

Feel free to share some of your mom realness with me below!

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