Finding balance in life is one of those topics that I think most people struggle with. We all have so many areas of our lives that we desperately want to juggle perfectly – family life, a job, home, friends…the list goes on. And what I’ve realized is that many of us put a ton of pressure on ourselves to achieve this “perfect” balance. When we can’t keep up, the guilt weighs heavy on us. I know personally speaking, I have struggled with this a lot. I think deep down, it stems from the need to do everything perfectly, and the fear of disappointing the people we care about. 



Over the past few months, I have taken on this new blogging venture. I have found incredible enjoyment from it – sharing my ideas and thoughts with the world, encouraging other women on their own life endeavours, and building amazing friendships throughout the process. But what I didn’t quite realize is that this new journey would be incredibly time consuming and the previous “balance” I had would be thrown out the window. I found I was becoming seriously frustrated that I couldn’t fit everything in: the house isn’t clean/are the girls happy? I haven’t been spending enough time with them/I haven’t gone grocery shopping – we don’t have enough food in our fridge/I need a new blog post up by next week/…. (I think you get it).  I was trying to do absolutely everything perfectly, but I was struggling and feeling energetically depleted. 



One day I did a little self reflection, and realized the whole “perfect balance” thing is pretty much impossible. I think as humans we have days where we very much feel “in balance” – we fit in everything on our to-do list and feel pretty good about ourselves. Then,  the next day arrives and balancing everything seems a little impossible and simply getting out of our PJ’s is a success. And the thing is, I think that’s perfectly OK. 

This doesn’t mean we don’t AIM for balance. I think it’s so important to self reflect and figure out where you want to invest your energy and time. One of the worst feelings in life is living in a state of chaos and feeling completely run down and out of touch with what makes you feel fulfilled and happy. Generally speaking, finding a relative balance is a success (in my opinion). But, I think we need to stop hating on ourselves when things aren’t perfect. And in those moments where you question yourself and wonder why YOU can’t seem to achieve the perfect balance, reflect and remember that almost all of us haven’t figured it out yet either.  So…chin up, girl! You’re amazing, and tomorrow is a new day. 

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