I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally share with you Brielle’s nursery reveal. It’s been a few months in the making, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Some of you may be wondering why I decided to “transform” Brielle’s bedroom now…I mean, she is already 18 months old. Well, Brielle was affected by Second Child Syndrome, meaning…I didn’t dedicate the time and energy into creating a beautiful space for her before she was born. Yes, I hung some pictures. Yes, I bought her a new dresser and side table. But, Brielle’s bedroom wasn’t a space that I absolutely loved to be in. Was it functional? Yes. But…it wasn’t beautiful. So, after we moved into our new home and got comfortable, I decided to create a dreamy nursery that would carry her into toddlerhood.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by some of the brands involved and contains affiliate links, but all of the opinions and design choices are completely my own and one hundred percent honest*

When I started the process of transforming Brielle’s nursery, I wanted to find fabrics that were unique and on-trend. I love being able to mix and match colours and patterns and create a space that screams ‘custom’. Therefore, when I discovered Sweet Kyla, I knew instantly I wanted to invest in their products. Sweet Kyla is unique – it’s a company that places great importance on producing high-end, quality fabrics and accessories, but has solutions for any budget – which I love. Another bonus – Sweet Kyla offers toddler duvet covers! Therefore, that sweet nursery will continue to grow with the child – how amazing is this!

Sometimes the word ‘custom’ can make people feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re not decor inclined. That is why I was thrilled when I discovered that Sweet Kyla offers free swatches that you can order online. Why doesn’t every nursery store offer this? It’s so incredibly helpful. Having the ability to see and feel the fabrics in the space you’re transforming truly allows your vision to come to life. I ordered at least ten swatches, and they all arrived quickly without any hassle. 

The fabrics in Brielle’s nursery are a combination of their Bella and Faith lines. I absolutely fell in love with the softness of the pink hues, and felt that certain patterns within each line complimented one another beautifully.

Brielle’s rocking chair was originally Mila’s, and it was in rough shape. I contemplated buying a new chair, but instead I decided to reupholster it with fabric from Sweet Kyla’s Faith Line. I also added in some throw pillows, laundry hampers, and blankets to bring forth different textures and to tie the whole ‘look’ together.

Once I decided on the main fabrics for the space, I wanted to find a rug that would compliment these colours and patterns well. Brielle’s bedroom was originally very neutral, and I’ll admit…I’m a lover of neutral tones. With that said, everything felt really dull in her bedroom – I had a lot of taupe/grey tones and felt a pink round rug would add contrast to the ‘greige’ carpet and grey furniture.

I couldn’t be happier with the rug I chose from Lorena Canals Rugs. All of their rugs are ethically hand-made, free of synthetic dyes, and budget-friendly. The size of Brielle’s rug fits perfectly in front of her dresser, and BONUS – it’s machine washable. How amazing is that? You literally just throw the rug in the washing machine, and it’s as good as new. I’m pretty obsessed with it!

Click here for the link to Brielle’s pink rug. 

Originally, Brielle’s furniture was all dark brown (with brown handles). Womp, womp. Ok fine – there was absolutely nothing wrong with the colour of her furniture. I just felt it needed to be revamped, and again… I really wanted it to feel more custom but on a budget. As well, I wanted to add more gold to her space. Brielle’s ceiling light fixture and her lamp have gold tones, so I decided to paint her furniture grey and her handles gold.

If you’re interested in learning more about her easy and budget-friendly furniture DIY, click here.

Next up was Brielle’s wall collage (above her dresser). Most of these frames were already there. However, I decided to spray paint her ‘Dream’ sign gold, and I added in this sculptural deer to give the wall more dimension. 

 The ceiling mobile to the right of the dresser was purchased off of Etsy here. Origionally, the plan was to place it above Brielle’s crib but once I got it in the room, I preferred it in the corner. 

I felt the dresser needed a pretty accessory, so I found a small floral arrangement; I just love it!

I was on the hunt for a beautiful wall piece to hang behind Brielle’s rocking chair. I absolutely fell in love when I discovered a shop called FaunaLune. Oh my goodness, this girl is talented. I found the absolute perfect lambs ear wall piece for this  spot – I love the boho/feminine vibe it brings to the space.

Last, was the wall art piece above Brielle’s crib. I discovered a beautiful canvas print that the co-owner of Sweet Kyla made for their studio in Guelph, Ontario. I was so inspired by her beautiful work that I asked my  dad to paint something similar for Brielle. It offers such a sweet and simple element to her nursery (and it’s so incredibly special, too).

I also decided to completely revamp Brielle’s closet. I’m a big believer that little details can add SO much to a space – like these adorable moccosins from Jack & Lily. Accessorizing with things that already belong in the space is so fun!

I’ll be posting additional photos of Brielle’s closet, plus some essential organization tips soon, so stay on the look out!

The dress I’m wearing in these photos is from Shop Stevie (see this link for the specific one). This boutique owner is the sweetest, and I absolutely love everything in her shop. The sizes always run true, shipping is fast, and I’m obsessed with all of her beautiful clothes. 


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