Month: February 2018

Our Stay at Unico Resort

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My husband and I just returned from a 6 night stay at Unico 20º 87º resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We have been planning this getaway for a couple of years now. Well, we didn’t have a resort in mind, but we knew that we wanted to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary by going somewhere just the two of us. Kid free, stress free, and full of absolute relaxation.

Nested Bean ‘Zen Sleep Sack’ Review

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The truth is, Brielle has always been a brutal sleeper. Unlike her older sister, she has never been a great napper and still wakes throughout the night. So, when Nested Bean contacted me and asked if I would try their Zen Sack (developed to promote a restful sleep), I was hopeful. Brielle has worn sleep sacks since she transitioned out of a swaddle.

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