The truth is, Brielle has always been a brutal sleeper. Unlike her older sister, she has never been a great napper and still wakes throughout the night. So, when Nested Bean contacted me and asked if I would try their Zen Sack (developed to promote a restful sleep), I was hopeful.

Brielle has worn sleep sacks since she transitioned out of a swaddle. We love using them for various reasons, but I truly wondered if The Zen Sack would be any different. When I received it in the mail, I realized that this particular sleep sack is quite unique – it was developed to mimic a mothers touch with a lightly weighted pad that is on the chest of the sleep sack. 

Nested Bean’s philopshopy is based on the idea that touch is an incredibly important sense for babies. This sense begins in the womb, and when they leave this cozy, warm, safe place and enter our world, it’s foreign and overwhelming. Touch is imperative to easing these feelings in your little one, and that is why they developed The Zen Sack

I instantly realized that this makes so much sense. When a baby is struggling to stay asleep, many times all they need is a gentle hand placed on their chest to sooth them back to la la land. Well, this pad is meant to essentially recreate that feeling. 

What I really love about this sleep sack is that it can also be worn backwards. Brielle is now a stomach sleeper (she is twenty months old). When I began using The Zen Sack and placed the weighted side on her back, there was an evident difference in how often she woke throughout the night. And for those curious about how heavy this “weight” is – it is very light, but heavy enough that it feels somewhat similar to a hand being placed in that location. 

A few other great features about this product:

  • It has adjustable shoulder tabs to accommodate for growth spurts
  • It has a two-way zipper system at the bottom to make diaper changes easy
  • It’s hip healthy and toxin free
  • They offer different colours and patterns. Brielle’s is the “Lovestruck” pattern and it’s adorable!

To sum up my thoughts on The Zen Sack, I love it. It’s cozy, breathable, comfortable for Brielle, and seems to be helping her stay asleep throughout the night. It’s a pretty amazing concept, and I’d definitely recommend it to other parents who are struggling with sleepless nights.

*Brielle is wearing size 6-12 months. She is 20 months old and still fits comfortably into this size.*

Disclaimer: This post is a paid sponsorship by Nested Bean who requested an honest review of The Zen Sack. However, all of the opinions remain my own and are in no way influenced by Nested Bean.

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