My husband and I just returned from a 6 night stay at Unico 20º 87º resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We have been planning this getaway for a couple of years now. Well, we didn’t have a resort in mind, but we knew that we wanted to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary by going somewhere just the two of us. Kid free, stress free, and full of absolute relaxation.

We ended up deciding on Unico because it ticked off the must-haves on our list: an all-inclusive somewhere hot that offered luxury-style accommodations and hopefully amazing food (we are foodies so this was really important). After comparing a few popular brands, we decided on Unico – it was brand spankin’ new, rated number one on trip advisor for resorts in the Riviera Maya, adults-only, and although it was expensive, it wasn’t nearly as pricey as some of the other couples resorts we had taken a look at.


Unico 20º 87º has four stunning restaurants. Now, I’ve been to a handful of all-inclusive’s before and I’m typically sick of the food by day three. This was not the case at Unico. Even though they didn’t have a slew of restaurants, the menus were all large and 95 percent of what we tried, we loved.

From sushi, to green smoothies, to burgers and fries, to seafood, to fresh quinoa salads, to steaks…you name it, they had it. It was all fresh, well-presented and delicious. I loved the fact that I could grab something light if I wasn’t feeling like a large meal, and even the buffet was significantly better than any typical resort buffet you may be used to.

We loved the wood oven pizzas and the sushi was some of the best I’ve had. If you like good food, you’ll love this resort.

A little point about the drinks – they were incredible. They have mixologists who whip up anything you can dream of – my favourite being the ‘Welcome Drink’ that you get as soon as you arrive to the resort. The grapefruit margaritas were also incredible!


All of the rooms at Unico are absolutely stunning. For an entry-level room, you get a swim-out king or double room. This means you essentially have your own pool on your balcony (which you share with the rooms on your lower floor).

We opted for a higher level floor which meant more privacy and better views of the ocean. Bonus, these ones have a gorgeous free-standing jacuzzi tub on the balcony (hello bubble bath, red wine and ocean waves)!

Nick and I are still raving about their beds. Oh my gosh guys….the beds! I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud, and even better – they let you choose which pillow style(s) you’d like to use for a truly blissful sleep.

The washroom had a dreamy rain shower and their TV’s offer you the ability to use your Netflix (plus all of the other American television channels that most resorts don’t have).


This is where Unico truly sets themselves apart from every other resort I’ve been to. The service here is above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Every couple who stays at the resort gets their own personal concierge (or “butler”). They are there to assist you with anything you need or want, such as booking a restaurant reservation, bringing more wine to your room, setting up a birthday or anniversary surprise…anything and everything. Our personal concierge was amazingly helpful and she was really on the ball.

The other big perk of Unico is that they offer ‘Inclusions’. This means that if you stay at Unico, they give you a huge discount (80 percent) on amenities you typically pay a lot for. For example, if you book an Inclusion at the spa, you will only pay 20 percent for the service. I had a full manicure for $6.00!

Another big bonus – they have free room service with an incredible menu to choose from 24 hours of the day. In addition, if you’re hungry on the beach and too lazy to walk yourself to the restaurant, you can order food to your chair from the Unico App that you download once you arrive.

The service beach and pool side is amazing. They are quick with drink and food orders, pool umbrellas, and anything else you may need.


As you can see from my photos (my apologies for photo bombing your IG), the grounds were impeccable. It was built only a year ago and they truly thought of everything. Gorgeous infinity pools, a stunning fitness centre and spa, and the grounds were always kept perfectly clean.

The beach has white sand and beautiful loungers. While we were there, the resort never seemed too busy. The weekend we left seemed to be significantly busier than it was the entire week of our stay, but even so, we didn’t have to fight over pool chairs.


Guys, this spa is incredible. Nick and I booked massages since it was part of the ‘Inclusion’ feature, so the price was a no-brainer. I had no idea what we were in for, though.

When we arrived, we were both whisked away to our separate change rooms. Once I got into my swimsuit, an employee scooted me to my first ‘stop’ – the sauna. I was instructed to lay down as she placed cold cucumbers and a cool cloth on my face. Once my ten minutes were completed, she sent me into what appeared to be a large shower stall. Instantly, freezing cold water started blasting me from all angles and heights. I screamed, jumped and wondered what the heck Nick must be thinking in the men’s section right about now. Next was the steam room, and this was my favourite. The scent of eucalyptus permeated the air while I sweat the toxins out from the numerous mojitos I had been indulging in since we arrived. Once my steamy session was complete, the employee took me to another room where she covered me with small ice pellets. If I was feeling a little tired before, I was certainly wide awake now.

Second last stop, the hot tub. I thought we were done here, until she instructed me to get out of the hot tub and take a ‘cold plunge’ into the miniature pool next to me. It was freezing, and once it was done I made my way to a small outdoor oasis filled with loungers, beds, a hot tub and pool.

I felt oddly relaxed and recharged. Nick had the same session on the men’s side, and I couldn’t stop laughing as I was picturing him getting this interesting treatment.

So now we are home. Back to our babies, real life, and the freezing bloody cold. I must say that I wasn’t sure I could handle 6 nights away from my girls. What I realized while we were there is how badly we actually needed it, and how good it felt to recharge my batteries again. I missed them, but I felt so present and truly happy to be there.

If you’re a mom in need of a kid-free vacay, I highly recommend pushing yourself to do it. We all need time to hit the refresh button and you will be better for it.

So, in closing, would I do it again? In a heart beat, and I would certainly do it again at Unico.

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