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I just returned from a 5 day business trip at Unico Resort, and it was incredible. Nick was unable to join me due to work commitments, so I took my mom along and it was so nice spending the week together. This was our first mother-daughter trip, and we had a great time. Lots of laughs, cocktails, and sun. Speaking of sun, it was SO hot in Mexico this week. I sweat in places I didn’t realize I could (sorry for the visual).

I was super excited to take my mom to Unico Resort, since it’s one of my absolute favourite places. For those wanting to learn more about Unico, check out my blog post here. I knew my Mom would absolutely love it, and she did (as you could see from my InstaStories).

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Kelli Flake is an amazing US based travel agent that I partnered with on this trip. I was introduced to Kelli through the Business Development Manager of Unico Resort, and he raved about Kelli. We met at Unico so that she could educate me more on the travel industry, and she took me to some of the most interesting and beautiful places I have ever seen.

Kelli is a true traveler. She loves staying at beautiful resorts. She is particular about the food and service, and only recommends the best to her clients. Kelli knows the top places to stay on a budget, and she is familiar with all kinds of resorts because she has experienced them all herself. Kelli taught me so much about travel this week, and she seems to know everyone, which made custom special requests a bonus. Simply put…Kelli makes things happen.

Kelli wanted to take me to two beautiful hotels in Tulum while we were staying in Mexico. For those who don’t know, Tulum is a historic Mexican town located in the Riviera Maya. It is home to the incredible Mayan ruins and is known for it’s clear waters and perfectly white sandy beaches. I took a lot of interest in checking out a few hotels in Tulum because it’s become a popular resort destination as of late. Kelli explained that Tulum offers a unique ‘off the beaten path but still luxury’ experience to visitors, with quite a few ‘eco boutique’ style hotels. 


BeTulum Hotel

Our first stop was at BeTulum Hotel. When we pulled up, it felt as though we were entering the jungle. It was MAGICAL, to say the least. There were narrow stone paths through the forest that led you to different parts of the resort. This hotel makes you feel as though you are part of nature. It is one of the most calming and serene places I have ever been to.

This resort has a spa that offers cleansing services that are completed by a Shaman; how neat is that? This hotel also offers sunrise yoga and healing services. The hotel manager who escorted us around went barefoot, and I could truly sense the calm energy that emitted from this place.

The Rooms

Most of the rooms at BeTulum came with their own outdoor pools. The interior was a modern luxury feel, but definitely had rustic elements. In order to get to your room, you had to climb a set of stairs that made you feel as if you were entering your own treehouse. It was the most unique hotel I have ever visited.

The Beach

The beach was sandy white, and there was a pool bar and restaurant for easy food and drink access. Prior to entering the beach, there was a stunning pool overlooking the water. This is the farthest thing from your typical Caribbean resort, and for those looking for a different experience, this hotel certainly offers just that.


Casa Malca ‘House’

The second hotel we visited was Casa Malca House (Hotel). When we entered, there was a large outdoor open  space that looked as though it was used for meditation, yoga and relaxation. This outdoor ‘room’ had gorgeous colourful carpets, as well as swinging chairs and swinging couches. It was amazing and unusual all at once.

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This hotel is extremely small, but the views are spectacular. As you enter the hotel, there are large glass doors that offer clear views of the white sand beach and blue ocean.

There is a lot of history to this hotel, as it was originally the home of notorious drug dealer, Pablo Escobar. Creepy and interesting all at once.

The Beach

La Vie en Rose Red One-Piece Swimsuit

The beach was sandy white, and teepee huts and hammocks were serenely placed for pure relaxation. This resort also had the cutest outdoor swings right off of the restaurant, which added a fun element to this resort.

The hotel had a beautiful outdoor pool with pretty loungers, and it was incredibly quiet. There was a tunnel off of the pool that led you to the beach, and the view was magical.

The Rooms

As stated above, this hotel was extremely small and intimate. The room that we did visit had amazing views of the ocean, and it was light and bright. The rest of the hotel had a very Victorian/Mexican style to it. They had wedding gowns draped for curtains, brightly coloured furniture, and the whole ‘feel’ was very eclectic.

To Sum it All Up….

These hotels certainly felt ‘off the beaten path’ yet luxurious at the same time. For those who appreciate nature and want to experience a calming, unique experience, I highly recommend a hotel in Tulum. It would be an amazing fit for someone looking to be surrounded by a calming energy and wanting to be immersed in the sites and sounds of the natural elements.

With that said, Tulum is a two hour drive from the Cancun airport, so the distance is not for everyone.

Overall, we had an amazing time exploring these hotels! Be sure to contact Kelli if you are looking to experience a fantastic vacation, and reference my name for some fun perks! You will not be disappointed; she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to Caribbean travel!

Lots of love,

Alexandra xo

Thank you to La Vie en Rose for gifting me with these beautiful swimsuits, and to Kelli Flake for sponsoring this trip and ‘making things happen’ – you are truly the best travel agent I know!

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