I feel like I’m beginning to get to know you all a lot better, and you have also been getting to know me. I absolutely love this, because I blog and share my life with you guys with the sole purpose of creating a community that supports and inspires one another. I share parts of my life that I feel passionate about: being a mom, wellness, feeling good in your own skin, living your best and most authentic life (and of course, beauty, home decor, travel, and all that fun stuff).

With that said, there is so much that you may not know about me. I figured I would follow along in the footsteps of Jillian Harris and write a blog post on 10 things that I’m afraid to tell you. Things that aren’t always so ‘pretty’. Truth is, I have a lot of quirks (as we all do), and I want you all to know me even better. How can I create an online community that can relate to me, if I’m not sharing the sometimes not so nice parts of myself, too?

But, let’s be real here… it’s hard to open up with the world. The fear of being judged is a feeling that I think we all have from time to time. I’m typically an open book, and there isn’t much that I’m afraid to talk about. But, when it comes to being raw and open…this isn’t always so easy for me. So…with all that said, here we go (try not to judge me too much, LOL).

1. I like structure 

I know, you’re probably all rolling your eyes and thinking ‘you’re afraid to tell me this? Really?’ But seriously…I am SO routine based. I have pretty much the same routine Monday to Friday. Ninety percent of the foods I pack for lunch are the exact same every day. I go to bed at the same time every week day night (unless we have something pre-planned). Oh, and I’m usually asleep by 9:30pm, because I am absolutely exhausted by then. NOT GLAMOROUS AT ALL.

2. I have suffered from PTSD since the birth of Mila

As most of you know, I developed HELLP Syndrome when I was pregnant with Mila, and almost lost my life (I was in the ICU with 10 rounds of blood transfusions, anti-stroke/seizure medication, and I wasn’t able to meet Mila for 24 hours after I gave birth to her). Two weeks after I had Mila, my anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks. I drove myself many times to the pharmacy in order to check my blood pressure, because I would have panic attacks thinking that I was going to die. I still struggle with PTSD to this day, and find it comes in waves (it tends to peak during stressful times or the winter months). I have seen therapists for it, and it has definitely gotten better over the years.

3. I have Mom guilt….. A LOT

Do I spend enough time with them? Am I working too much? Did I have enough patience today? Are they OK? The struggle is REAL..and mom’s, if you have mastered the whole mom guilt thing, please send advice my way.

4. My family owned an Emu Farm

Okay, so this is something I’m not afraid to tell you, but it’s something you simply wouldn’t know unless you know me really well. I grew up in the country on a beautiful, quiet dirt road (that I miss dearly).

My parents owned an Emu Farm with our good friends as a side business (even thinking about it makes me giggle). Us kids spent weekends selling Emu oil with my parents, or helping at our Emu chip wagon (Emu burgers, anyone)? I’ll be honest, this is one of the weirdest side hustles on the planet, but as a 10 year old, it was pretty cool telling people that you had Emu’s for pets.

5. I stress out when I don’t exercise often

Literally, my cortisol rises instantly if I miss a workout. I get stressed and anxious…and all of these feelings instantly melt away when I workout again.

6. I walk around nude…A LOT

Nick always shakes his head at me because he thinks the neighbours can see. I think he’s wrong, and I simply enjoy being nude. #dontjudgeme

7. I HATE puke

I can deal with poop, pee, blood, wounds, snot…all of that lovely stuff. But I have an exceptionally hard time dealing with vomit. I panic at the sight and have to ask Nick to take over. I’ve struggled with this since I was super little, and I have no idea why.

8. My pregnancy guilty pleasure

For the entire third trimester of my pregnancy with Brielle, I had one Haagen-Dazs ice cream cone every.single.day before bed. Nick would laugh at the wrappers that were piled up in the garbage. I couldn’t help myself…and to be quite frank, I really didn’t care. I still love them!

9. I choke a lot

When we sit down to eat a meal, it’s very typical for me to choke on my food (or drink) at least once. Something will ‘go down the wrong hole’ and I will have a coughing attack with tears pouring down my face. Sometimes they last only for a few seconds, while other times it can go on for minutes. It must be in the genes, since my entire family on my mom’s side also has this problem. Crossing my fingers the girls don’t inherit it!

10. I am extremely clumsy

I probably walk into 15 things a day. I walk into walls, counters, chairs…you name it. I always have at least one bruise on some part of my body, and I’m usually not exactly sure where it came from. Unfortunately Mila has inherited this gene from me; poor thing.

So, there you have it…my quirks, challenges and parts of my life that are a little unusual. Let’s be REAL with each other; share me yours below!


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