Ok girls, we are talking all things BOOTY today! Personally speaking, I have found that one of the hardest things to achieve when on a fitness regime is a high and tight tush. Well, if you’re struggling with this too, I highly suggest that you read this blog post. Crystal, the founder of Your Health-Your Choice was my group trainer after I delivered Brielle, and she is on FIRE! This girl knows how to train, and she pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the best ways possible. 

When I asked Crystal to share her thoughts on building a booty, she had SO much advice to share, so here it is! 


Hey all! Crystal here with some of my favourite booty building exercises. Do you want to firm, tone, lift, and tighten your back side and get a good burn? Here are some of my best tips and favourite exercises to get you results!


Obviously diet and hydration are number ONE for any exercise plan. Stick with lean protein, non-starch veggies and healthy fats. Drink plenty of water (at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day). This will make your skin tighter, glowy, give it better texture, not to mention aid in weight loss and detoxification for the body overall.

My other tips is to “engage, engage, engage” your glute muscles. Many people will squat but few will actually squeeze those posterior muscles the way they should and only end up working out their quad muscles. Such a waste! Some will also hinge at the hips but never get into that full squat position. Even if you can’t get into a deep squat stance, just simply squeezing your gluteal muscles will definitely help you get a way better booty burn. To work them out and feel a burn you need to squeeze or engage those muscles for every exercise I’m going to list below. So with all of that said… here we go! Try adding some or all of these into your regular exercise regime:



Squats for glutes can be done in all sorts of variations and forms.

  1. A) Stationary vs. moving (Held squats vs moving or stepping your squats in different directions)
  2. B) Positions like narrow or wide parallel, goblet squats, curtsy lunges – all target glutes
  3. C) Adding plyometrics (aka: jumps) to your squats
  4. D) Adding a circular resistance band or tying a resistance band around your legs then doing side stepping squats or jack squats

Some of my favorite squat exercises include elements of all of these above.

Beginners: Try a set of stationary squats for 60 seconds (either by holding a weight in your hands or just using your body weight). Do as many as you can keeping a nice smooth tempo down and up; and then finish with a held squat for an additional 30 seconds right afterward. This will provide a really good burn for those glutes and legs. You could also add some tiny jumps into that held squat while you are nice and low for an added  burn. You’ll feel this girl!

Inter/advanced: For a great combo burn try combining different types of squats together. For example: Do a deep squat, followed by a curtsy lunge, and repeat. Alternate these moves back and forth for 60 seconds. I do these weighted carrying a 10+ lb weight in my hands up by my chest. Wanting something even more advanced? Add in a jump squat to the mix!

A few other tips: Engage your core (always) in order to support your lower back, and go deep enough to squeeze your glutes. Be sure that your weight is back in your heels, and change up the tempo/rythm of your squats. Speed them up, slow them down, and add ‘holds’. Go deep in your squat and stay there – feel that burn!


This isn’t always an easy exercise but boy does it work! Often times I see women going too light with their weights for this activity. Ideally, you want to be using 20lbs+ and work up as you get stronger. 

With your feet shoulder width apart, bend at your hips to bend your upper body forward and down, rolling weights along your shins. Make sure to keep your knees soft so they don’t lock up. When you roll your upper body back up, squeeze your glutes and keep all of your weight in your heels. 

Pay attention to how the ‘burn’ feels, and switch up your weights depending on the level of difficulty.


To work all of the different gluteal muscles it is smart to incorporate some side leg lifts into your glute exercises as well. This will help to engage the glute medius muscle and your hip stabilizers. I like to do these either standing or side lying.

While standing, squat and lift the right leg squeezing your right glute. You will challenge your core and balance as well, as you transfer your weight from two feet to one foot back and forth. Do as many as you can for 30 seconds , then switch legs for another 30 seconds. Not only are you working your strength, but you are also increasing your heart rate and burning fat (ALL DAY). 

Another option: Kneeling on a yoga mat coming down on all fours to your forearms; raise one leg behind you at a 90 degree angle pressing the sole of your foot up to the sky, knee off the ground. Try and keep your leg parallel. Small movements are key here. Squeeze your bum while you lift your leg. Again, do as many as you can for 30 seconds on each side (or more, if you can handle it).


Another goodie for booty burn. These can be done a couple of different ways.

Lying on your yoga mat on your back, with feet planted on the floor, hip width apart and knees bent. Arms can be at your sides with palms pressing into the floor. Contract abs and lift one vertebrae at a time off of the floor gently rolling your tailbone, seat and back off the floor.  You really only need to go high enough to be able to squeeze your hamstrings and glutes. If you go too high you could put unnecessary strain on your lower back, therefore higher isn’t necessarily better for some people. Everyone’s body is different so use your judgement here and be sure you are feeling the burn in the right spot.

Try doing each of these exercises for 60 seconds, then move on to the next. Work your way up each time you do the circuit until you reach a total of two minutes per exercise. Repeat the entire circuit 3 times. 

I’ll be popping on Alexandra’s blog often, so feel free to direct message me (or Alexandra) with questions you may have in the upcoming weeks – we would love to answer them! Now go and WERK it girls!

-Crystal xo

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DISCLAIMER: You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. 

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