If you’re entertaining over the holiday season and want to do something a little bit different for your guests, I highly recommend setting up a festive hot beverage station. How many of you make (or purchase) a million Christmas cookies but end up consuming only a quarter of them? Yep, me too! A hot beverage station is a great way to elevate your holiday party, share your yummy festive desserts (so that they’ll actually get eaten) and enjoy some delicious hot beverages! 

First, find a place in your kitchen or dining space that you can create a beverage ‘station’ with. Keep in mind that you really don’t need a huge area. You can get creative and use an end table, beverage cart, or a portion of your kitchen counter.

When I organized my hot beverage station, I wanted to ensure I had a variety of drink options. I used my french press for standard coffee, added some coffee liqueur to a glass canister for the adults , and I arranged an area on the coffee bar for the tea drinkers and hot chocolate lovers.

I also used my slow cooker to make a pot of Mulled Wine; one of my favourite warm drinks! The house smelt like cinnamon sticks, oranges, and vanilla, and the mix of red wine, citrus and spice is seriously the perfect combo! Warning: you may want to make a double batch because it’ll go quickly. Click here for my Mulled Wine Recipe!

I love purchasing Christmas cookies from Sweet Bakery Brant. Their desserts feel like they are a part of the decor; almost too pretty to eat (but not really…because their cookies are SO delicious). For a little added touch, purchase small paper bags and encourage your guests to take some of the treats home with them. 

When planning out your hot beverage station, make a list of the drinks you will be offering to your guests and what kinds of little treats will pair well as toppings. I absolutely love these star marshmallows (and they are a huge hit for both adults and kids). Candy canes are also another great addition to hot chocolate or coffee, and sharing these treats in beautiful canisters and jars adds a pretty touch!

These holiday star cocktail spoons are just the cutest, and I love these Milano Double Wall Glass Mugs. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes; perfect for adding a bit of variety to your beverage table.

I also used my milk frother for those who wanted a cappuccino.

Creating a hot beverage station for your guests is SO much fun, and if you have children, get them involved in picking out some of the special treats! I promise it’ll be a huge hit for your friends and family, and a fun way to make your party feel a little bit more unique! All it takes is some creativity and yummy treats!

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