As most of you who follow me on Instagram already know, Nick and I leave for Mexico this week! We are taking a 5 day vacation kid-free to Beloved Playa Mujeres, and all I want to do is spend some much needed quality time with Nick, get some sun on me, and truly just relax.

This is our second trip kid-free, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit anxious. I’m always nervous leaving the girls when we take a trip out of Country, but I know that once we’re there, it’ll be so worth it.

When I travel, I’m pretty obsessive about what I put in my carry-on bag. I want to be as comfortable as possible, but I also don’t want my bag to be packed to the brim, making it difficult to find certain things. Below is a list of items I always toss in my carry-on, making for a comfortable flight!

The Necessities

By necessities, I’m referring to items that you literally couldn’t travel without. This includes: your passport, your wallet, important documentation, flight/hotel information, glasses, and medications.


Flying without some form of entertainment is awful (in my opinion). I always pack my phone, computer (if I’m bringing it for work), magazines (this is about the only time I catch up on celebrity gossip, LOL), headphones, and electronic chargers.

Most airlines have an app that you can download prior to getting on the plane which will allow you to enjoy inflight entertainment (movies and TV shows) for free. Another great way to pass the time!

Netflix: We use Netflix, and it allows you to download shows and movies so that you can watch them and watch offline. We always download a ton of episodes from whatever show we are binge watching, which makes the time literally fly by!


Flying can make you feel dehydrated, tired and all around gross. I swear by the items below, and always bring them on flights to try and feel my best while in the air.

Gin-Gins: If you haven’t tried these (and you like the taste of ginger), you need to go out and buy them ASAP! I love to have them while flying because ginger can help with any nausea relating to turbulence, but it’s also fantastic to chew on during take off and landing.

Hand Sanitizer (a necessity)

Saje ‘Immune’ Personal Mist: I always spritz this on my face throughout the flight as it helps with immune support and if you’re feeling congested or dry, symptom relief. Another option is bringing the Saje Pocket Farmacy, which I just discovered and LOVE. It contains the roller ball for ‘Immune’ in it, as well as four other remedy rollers. I’m obsessed with the Peppermint Halo roller; I swear it’s magic! It has helped me SO much with my headaches, and I’ll definitely be bringing this on all flights from now on.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee: By now, pretty much everyone has heard of Four Sigmatic. I love so many of their products, and I love taking a few little packets with me as I find flying always makes me feel tired and groggy. Ask for hot water on the flight and pop one of these babies into your cup; you’re good to go!

Hemp Hand Cream: For those with seriously dry hands, this cream will change your life. It’s AMAZING, and I always bring it with me on flights as my skin gets really dry when flying. I also use the hemp lip chap to keep my lips moisturized.

Deodorant: I like to bring my deodorant in my carry-on in case the flight is long and I need to reapply. As a side note: my go-to natural deodorant is by Consonant Skincare. It’s 100% natural and so far, it’s the only one I’ve found that actually works.

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum: This is fantastic to bring on long flights, because it hydrates, brightens, and protects against environmental damage. If I’m feeling a bit dry on a flight, I put a few drops of this on my face which helps a ton!

Water bottle (another necessity), and healthy snacks to get you through the flight.

Are you travelling anywhere this Winter? If so, share below – I love getting new ideas on travel destinations to visit! xo

Lots of love,

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