After getting a number of requests for Blogging and Instagram guidance, I’ve decided to add content in this area in hopes that it will help you with your own social media accounts.

Aside from being a blogger and content creator, I also work for a Social Media Agency as a Campaign Director. As part of my job, I meet with different Brands daily who are trying to build a larger social media presence, develop successful social media campaigns, and requiring overall guidance in the digital space. I’ve learned exactly what it is that Brands are looking for when hiring content creators, and this knowledge has been incredibly beneficial to Honestly Alexandra, my own brand. I’ve been lucky enough to gain insights from both ends of the spectrum – I have invested both time and money in learning all there is to know about creating a successful social media brand as an Influencer, and I have also gained valuable insight from a Brands’ perspective.

I have received so many questions as it relates to social media, but I want to focus on the basics today – developing confidence to begin blogging, figuring out what exactly people want to see from you, and how to step into the Influencer space with vulnerability, excitement and a clear vision of what you can offer to your community.

‘What will people think’? – I’ve totally been there!

When you decide to start a blog or a ‘professional’ instagram channel, the terrifying thoughts of what people will think of you and how you will be judged are REAL. When I started blogging a year and a half ago, I was absolutely terrified. I had this itch to share and inspire others, but I was really nervous for possible criticism and disinterest. There were so many times I wondered ‘who am I to be giving advice to other people? Who am I to have people I don’t even know CARE about my life?’ 

When I finally made the decision to give it a try, I knew that there was BIG potential of being ridiculed, judged, and disliked by MANY. Unfortunately, having a large presence on social media means that these things will likely happen at some point in time for every single content creator. But, the truth is…you could be the kindest, most lovely person on this planet and someone still won’t like you. 

I want you to know that this is totally OK, and actually, it’s more than OK. I want you to remember this statement when your fear mindset kicks in: in the social media space, YOU DON’T WANT TO PLEASE EVERYONE. You want to create an online presence that attracts the right people…YOUR people, and repels the rest. If you’re wanting to start a mommy blog, a 19 year old college student will probably have no interest in following you, and that’s actually a good thing. The biggest priority is to create an engaged audience- you want to attract a following who loves following you. It’s okay to repel the people who don’t really fit into your niche, because it leaves so much more space for the followers who love what you have to say and what you have to share. Quality over quantity, period.

But…how vulnerable do I really have to get?

The wonderful thing about creating your OWN platform, is that you have complete control over what you decide to share and what you don’t. If you consider yourself a private person and you really don’t want people who you don’t even know to learn about all of your deepest secrets, then don’t share them.

With that said….remember that people on social media crave REAL. They crave STORIES. They crave authenticity (I know..that word is so overused, but it’s so true). Your readers want to feel like they know who you are. They want depth; whether that’s in the form of you showing your silly side, sharing real moments with your kids, or talking truthfully about things that inspire you. Remember that vulnerability can be shown in a number of ways, so sit back and think about how much of your life you want to share and how to create a true friendship with your audience. They want to know who you are!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

SO many of my instagram followers have asked me the same question: ‘I am SO shy. How do I get comfortable with being in front of the camera’? 

I have ONE answer for you….just do it, and do it often. The first time I recorded a story on Instagram of me just talking to the camera, I was mortified. I felt uncomfortable, silly, and embarrassed. But, the more I did it, the more comfortable I got. Challenge yourself to talk in front of the camera and share it in your instagram stories at least twice a week for four weeks, and I can guarantee that you’ll begin to build confidence. 

But, how do I know what people want to see from me? 

Such a great question! Before you think about what OTHER people want to see from you, I want you to sit back and reflect on what you believe you have to offer to others. What are your strengths? What are you incredibly passionate about? Are you funny? Are you an advocate for a certain cause? Are you a mom who has the best ideas relating to crafting, cooking, parenting, or sharing the struggles of motherhood with others? Are you obsessed with home decor and believe you could share your tips on ways to spruce up your house on a budget? Are you a wellness junkie? 

If you’re nervous to get started…read this and take it all in: every single blogger and influencer is a completely normal, every day person. They are not exceptional, they are not ‘better’ than you or I, they are simply people who went after their passion to share their messages with the world, and worked their butt off to create a community of people to connect their messaging with. You have the ability to do this, too! You don’t have to be some super rich, powerful or exceptional person to create a successful brand. BUT…creating a successful brand takes work and determination. Two things that you must have: both passion and inner motivation.

I’m Not ‘Cool’ Enough to Be A Blogger

When you sit back, do you reflect on your life and think ‘I am so incredibly boring in comparison to these Influencers who are traveling everywhere, shopping every day, entertaining friends every weekend, and always have the perfect house’? This message that you relay to yourself is completely false. You see a very small glimpse of these bloggers’ lives, which certainly isn’t their every day reality; I can promise you that.

So, my biggest tip for you is to figure out what YOUR passionate about, first and foremost. You will never succeed if you’re trying to copy or replicate your favourite blogger’s account, nor will you last in this industry because you won’t be passionate about what you’re sharing. 

My second biggest tip is to really niche down and determine what exactly it is you want to share. If you want to become a food blogger but you’re sharing only one food post each week and the rest consists of pictures of your kids, your shoes, and your house, it’ll confuse people. Once you begin building a following, it’s easier to open up your niche and share various things, but if you’re just getting started, I’d highly suggest getting really specific. Try and get a unique spin on something. Although the social media industry is saturated right now, there is always room for more incredible influencers who share a different angle, a uniqueness, and well..quality content.

I have so many other tips to share with you guys regarding content creation, scheduling, monetizing your blog, building your following, and creating a massive online impact.

If you found this blog post helpful, comment below or on my latest instagram post and let me know! Feedback always helps me figure out what you guys really want to read more of!

Please also let me know if you are interested in social media coaching or a very thorough social media course. I may be opening up some spaces in my calendar, but first I want to determine the level of interest!

Lots of love,

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