We get so caught up in all of the things we SHOULD be doing in life; we ‘should’ be exercising, we ‘should’ be eating healthy, we ‘should’ be spending time with our kids…the list goes on. But, sometimes the most powerful changes happen when we stop adding and instead, begin subtracting things that don’t serve us.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to do just that. Last month, I started to feel a bit worn out and emotionally depleted. There wasn’t anything in particular I could pin point that was bothering me, but it more so felt like an inner ‘nagging’ sensation…a feeling of being ‘off’. I’m pretty sure it was my inner voice telling me to stop, slow down, and reflect. Instead of adding, what I really needed to do was remove and allow for more space…more peace.

I guess you could call me your little guinea pig, because I tried and tested these 3 changes, and well…they have helped in a massive way.

If you’ve been feeling a bit off lately and you can’t seem to figure out why, try stopping these three things listed below; maybe they will help you, too!

I Stopped Looking at Instagram in the AM and PM

Every time I look at social media right before bed, I feel my anxiety and unease rise. To be honest…I don’t quite understand why this happens, seeing as how social media doesn’t seem to illicit the same responses in me during the daytime hours. Either way, I noticed this correlation so I made the commitment to myself to sign off of social media during the last hour before bed and the first hour upon waking. Guys….it was a game changer!

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE social media. Heck, it’s my business! But, there’s a ton of evidence demonstrating the impact that social media can have on our mental health, and making that commitment to myself has helped me not only sleep better, but wake up feeling more calm as well.

I remember reading a personal development book several years ago that emphasized how important and impactful the last thoughts we have before we go to bed are. Whatever we feed our brains with right before shutting our eyes can greatly impact our quality of sleep, the types of dreams that we have, and our thoughts going into the following day. Our subconscious mind does so much work for us during sleep, and those last thoughts in the evening therefore, must have major impact on our overall emotional state. I’m certainly not an expert or a doctor, but I know with certainty that these ideas seem to ring true for me.

So, try eliminating social media the last hour before sleep and for the first hour upon waking. Let me know if this helps you too!

I Stopped Saying Yes To Things Out Of Guilt

This past month, I decided to only say yes to activities and events that I was truly excited about.

You know that feeling you get when you’re invited somewhere or asked to attend something, and instantly your stress level jumps? Thoughts begin racing, like: I’m so busy, I won’t be home in time to get the kids to bed, I don’t really wan’t to go but I feel like I HAVE to be there….you know what I’m talking about. I feel like as women, we feel like we have to be everything to everyone and do all the things, right? Sometimes it has nothing to do with the people AT the event, and it has everything to do with feeling obligated to add yet another thing onto our busy schedule. Whatever the reason may be, before you instantly reply ‘YES’ to that next invitation…reflect on WHY you’re saying yes, whether it serves you, and if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to say no.

I Stopped Being So Distracted

Since attending the Activia Canada Gut Health Reboot in Miami last month, I’ve realized even more, the importance of being present. I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes because it seems, ‘being present’ is all that we hear from health coaches and self help authors these days.

I always thought I was decently good at being present, until I went to Miami and spent a lot of time meditating, practicing yoga, and tuning into my breath and the sounds and sights around me.

Since then, I’ve been working really hard at slowing down throughout the day, taking a moment to simply go for a walk at lunch and hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing. I’ve been encouraging Mila and Brielle to do the same, and specifically, to take slow deep breaths when they are feeling upset or anxious.

Slowing down has been a muscle I’ve really needed to build (and really, that muscle will never be FULLY developed…it’s a constant work in progress). But, it’s really helped my overall emotional state and well being.

Let me know if you stop any of these habits; I’d love to hear if they have worked for you! Share below if you have any other suggestions or things you’ve done in your own life that have made a big difference.

Lots of love,

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