I really do believe that mom guilt comes in massive waves. Some days, you feel like you’ve got this whole mom thing together. The kids are playing happily, you had a few extra minutes to clean the kitchen, and you even had time to prep dinner before three p.m (that in itself is a huge accomplishment, right)?? But, the next day all of those feelings of accomplishment quickly vanish. The kids have thrown five tantrums before nine a.m., you have a meeting you’re already running late to, and you’ve lost your patience more times than you’d like to admit.

Once your emotions have settled, you run through the entire morning and think about every single thing you did wrong. The mom guilt sets in and you immediately wish you could take it all back…do it differently, be better, be MORE for them. Then, the next day…the mom guilt is different. You’re stressed about work and ask yourself, ‘should I be working outside of the home? The kids need me.’ Or maybe it’s a different question. Maybe it’s, ‘I heard another mom mention the other day that kids with stay at home moms aren’t well socialized. Does this make me a sucky parent? Will my kids be socially awkward?’ Or, maybe you wish you hadn’t lost your temper (yet again), or you wonder if your child’s tantrums are normal and not a reflection of your parenting abilities.

Mom…I really want you to stay with me for a second and hear me. I know it’s hard….I’m there with you; we are all there with you. I know the chronic exhaustion that makes you feel like a literal walking zombie; those every three hour wakings that make you forget how it feels to be a normal functioning human. The days they are sick, and you run on fumes because all you want is for them to feel good again. The moments that you want to escape, even for just a few minutes; even if it’s just for a coffee with your girlfriends. But, you don’t make the time because your self care is so much less important than ensuring you’re there for your babies. Those days that you cry in the bathroom out of complete and utter overwhelm, and then you pick yourself up, take care of your children, and put on a happy face so they don’t see the tiredness in your eyes.

I understand it all. We may not know each other, but I’m with you, and I hear you. This Mother’s Day, and every single day, remember this. Remember all of those seemingly mindless tasks that you do seven days a week without even thinking, just so that your family is happy. Remember your heart, and how bursting full it is for your children, and how they know; without a doubt, that they are loved so deeply, to their core. Remember that your children never doubt your abilities; instead, they see your super powers, your ability to make everything better with just one hug and kiss. It’s actually pretty magical when you think about it. Remember that every single choice you make; to stay at home and raise them, or to work outside of the home to provide for them…all of this is done for them. You, mama, are not a bad mom for these sacrifices; in fact, you are incredibly strong, resilient, brave, and selfless.

So, this Mother’s Day, and every single day…remember how much I admire you. How much they admire you. Take time for yourself (because that’s something you don’t get a lot of), and do something that ignites your soul; guilt free. Go for that coffee with your girlfriends, book a massage appointment, or simply do nothing at all; because sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

This Mother’s Day, treat yourself mama! There’s nothing more powerful than the gift of time. I realized this very quickly after I had my first born daughter, Mila. When I was a new mom, everyone brought over cute little gifts for her, which don’t get me wrong, is incredibly special. But, I realized that what we really needed were things that would make our lives easier and would allow us to save on time; and this hasn’t changed to this day

Whether you’re thinking about how to make your own life easier, or the life of another mom, I highly suggest getting the gift of The Ultimate Dining CardThis gift card has fourteen restaurant options, but as a busy mom of two, we also love to order Swiss Chalet and bring it home for an easy and yummy dinner; saving valuable time on particularly hectic weeknights. The meals from Swiss Chalet have that home cooked ‘feel’ and taste; we love to order the rotisserie chicken dinner, a side garden salad, kids meals and steamed veggies.

Treat yourself (or make a subtle hint to the family) with Swiss Chalet’s Mother’s day bundles this Mother’s day weekend. From May 10th – 12th Swiss Chalet is serving a limited time Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake. You can get it on it’s own or in a delicious bundle with their Quarter Chicken Dinner, or Quarter Chicken and 1/3 Rack BBQ ribs.

 As well, if you buy an Ultimate Dining Card with a minimum value of $25.00, you will receive an Ultimate Dining Card coupon book which includes a total of $250.00+ in savings at their restaurants. Whether you’re buying for yourself, or perhaps buying for another mom, this offers massive savings that so many mothers’ could truly use and enjoy.

So, cheers to you mom. Cheers to all of the sacrifices, love, and hard times that you have pushed through for the love of your children. Remember to pay attention to all of the amazing things you have given to your family. I know some days it doesn’t feel like it…but, you are a true hero!
Lots of love,

This post was sponsored by Swiss Chalet and The Ultimate Dining Card. All opinions and thoughts are authentic and 100% my own.

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