With Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted to give you some inspiration on how to create a stunning tablescape for those who plan on hosting. 

Looking back at my childhood, I definitely get my love for entertaining from my mom. She would always put together the most beautiful table settings when my parents would have friends or family over for dinner. She would have the napkins ironed and folded just perfectly on each plate. The food menu would be planned weeks in advance, and my mom would welcome guests with hugs, warmth, and of course, plenty of drinks and appetizers. 

I always loved seeing the effort she put into sharing these special moments with our guests. It was certainly not about portraying this ‘look’ of perfection, it was more than anything, a love and passion for creating a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming space for the people she loves.

I inherited this interest from her, and often times, my husband will muffle under his breath ‘why can’t we just throw together an easy meal and use paper plates?’. I’ll admit..this is beyond challenging for me, and it’s mainly because entertaining is very much my creative outlet and I love seeing guests truly enjoying the food, the environment, and the company. 

I’m super excited to share this Father’s Day tablescape with you because I typically don’t show a more masculine inspired way of entertaining. Those who read my blog know that I love that floral, airy, feminine style…but, sometimes you’ve got to mix it up and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try something different!

For starters…it’s June, and that means the warm weather is here and we want to be outside as much as we possibly can! All of the products on my table are from Kitchen Stuff Plus, and I’ve come to realize that they have the best selection of outdoor items; their Summer 2019 collection is amazing! 

I also love the idea of hosting outside for Father’s Day because you can easily tie  your Father’s Day present with the decor. I found this amazing grey cooler and knew Nick would love it. This cooler fits a ton of drinks, it’s on wheels which makes it easy to move around, and it fits in so well with the patio decor. 

If there’s a way for me to add an extra touch to my tablescapes, I do. I added fresh herbs to these small glass bottles. I felt like flowers wouldn’t fit as well with the theme that I was going for, and herbs just seemed like the perfect alternative. Using fresh herbs as part of the table decor works on so many levels, and it adds the nicest aroma to the space. I also added a sprig of rosemary, oregano and mint to each plate for an added touch and tied them with twine. 

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Of course, the final step in creating the perfect Father’s Day party is purchasing bottles of their favourite beverage and stocking that cooler! Enjoy! xo


Dinner plates

Leaf plates

Wine glasses


Drink pitcher


Grey Cooler

Glass bottles

Sweet Bakery – Donuts

This post was sponsored by Kitchen Stuff Plus. All opinions and design suggestions are authentic and 100% my own.

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