I can’t count the number of times my girls ask me for either ice cream or popsicles during the summer months. After dinner, there’s nothing more they love than getting a sweet treat, taking it to the backyard so that they can enjoy it while the sun goes down. It’s quickly become a little summer tradition, and because of that, I wanted to find a healthier option that will provide at least some nutrient value and minimize the amount of processed sugars and dyes that are typically in the store bought popsicles and ice cream.

I’ve been making these banana pops for roughly two months now, and the girls LOVE them! They are full of potassium and antioxidants, but they truly do taste like a treat (I love them too)! Don’t worry mamas’ – these are super easy to make and I can usually whip up a batch in about 15 minutes! You can switch up the toppings depending on your flavour preference; we always use a variety of toppings like coconut flakes, chopped peanuts, peanut butter, skor pieces, sprinkles, and more!

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