Do you ever discover a product that you become super obsessed with, then wonder how the heck you ever lived without it?! Well, guys…I’m here to share one of those products with you all, and I know with certainty that it’ll quickly become one of your favourites, too!

Every single time I get together with a girlfriend and ask ‘how are you?!’ the first thing that typically comes out of her mouth is ‘I’m good. Busy. But good!’ I also say this far too often, but the truth is…we are all BUSY! We’re all trying to fit a thousand things into a 24 hour period, and the rat race of the day can make it super challenging to take care of ourselves and eat well. Sometimes I’ll be heading out to a meeting, starving, but completely forgot to meal prep and well…enter the drive-thru window. It’s always a bad idea, I always feel gross after making poor meal decisions, but yet, so many of us do this.

This product, I promise you, will fix this issue for you all together…and this product is Evive Smoothie. Guys, the obsession is real and this brand has truly made such an impact on our daily eating habits that I want to shout it from the roof tops!! The kids love these smoothies, the hubby loves these smoothies…heck, the dog loves these smoothies…and I KNOW you will too!

Evive Smoothie is not just a regular smoothie brand. Evive Smoothie was founded by two amazing humans who had a mission to make healthy eating accessible and easy for ALL, full of completely natural, organic, delicious smoothie cubes that do not require a blender and contain ingredients that fuel your body and mind.

I love their smoothies because they are the perfect balance of everything that you need to feel your best, and each flavour contains a plant based protein, a variety of vegetables and fruit, and an additional vegetable blend which includes ingredients like shiitake, spinach, carrots, and more. They have a variety of ingredients which also allows you to get in some of those incredible super foods and antioxidants, like spirulina, hemp seeds, chlorella, matcha tea, ginger, and dragon fruit.

You’re probably wondering how these smoothies actually taste. Just to preface this – I’ve always been picky when it comes to smoothie flavours. I don’t like them too sweet, but I also don’t like the real ‘green’ tasting ones, either. I’ve tried every Evive flavour, and I love them ALL! They are delicious, and the girls always want their own smoothies because they love them too (which says a lot).

I mentioned before that you do not need a blender for these smoothies, which I think is such a plus! The smoothies come in little plastic recyclable containers. You simply pop your frozen smoothie cubes into your cup, add a liquid of choice (I typically use almond or coconut milk), let it melt, shake, and you’re good to go!

You can completely customize your order online, and try as many flavours as you would like. They have been kind enough to offer a coupon code to my followers: use code ‘alexandrahonestly’ when ordering a smoothie box and receive:

  • 2 additional free smoothies
  • 1 bamboo straw
  • 1 container of vegetable milk
  • Free delivery within Ontario and Quebec

Once you receive your order, give me your feedback in the comments below. Oh, and make sure you add ‘Azteque’ and ‘Samourai’ to your order; my two favourites!!!


This post was sponsored by Evive Smoothie. However, all opinions are 100% authentic and my own.

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