Nat and I are still pinching ourselves. Two weeks ago we hosted the Here For Her Sip and Social; an event for our local podcast listeners who were looking for an inspiring and relaxing ‘girls night out’. To be honest, Nat and I weren’t quite sure whether our followers would show much interest…until we released the Eventbrite page and within 12 hours, the tickets were sold out. We had 30+ people on our waitlist, and our mouths dropped; we felt both humbled and terrified (I mean…this event HAD to be incredible; it HAD to live up to the expectations of our listeners)! We wanted the event to feel intimate, unique and feminine. We wanted our guests to gain value from the event; we wanted them to leave with a full heart, a few ‘ah-ha’ moments, and laughs…so many laughs.

We decided to host the event at the stunningly beautiful Beauty Barn in Brantford, Ontario. This space is a hidden gem (well, not so hidden anymore). This place screams good energy; it’s peaceful and relaxing, not to mention gorgeous.

Before Nat and I even set a date for our event, we knew exactly who we wanted in attendance as our guest speakers: Anna and Lindy from Love Powered Co. (if you don’t believe in yourself right now, you certainly will by the time these girls are done with you). Sex and Relationship Therapist, Kelly McDonnell-Arnold (removing the taboo behind these topics and getting REAL open and honest about sex)! And last, Intuitive Coach, Charissa Lynn (life changing conversations that move you to your core).

I can’t tell you the amount of tears that were shed (IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE). These girls transformed the space; it felt supportive, inviting, and encouraging.

There’s nothing I love more than meeting my followers and our podcast listeners in real life. Hugging these girls, listening to their stories, learning about their own journeys made me feel so incredibly grateful for the online community we’ve created. Sometimes the digital space can feel cold; it can breed negativity and judgement. But, this event reminded me that when you cultivate an online community of like-minded people, it can create a space for hope, growth and friendship.

The incredible wine was supplied by Chateau des Charmes (their white Riesling is my favourite). They also have a beautiful vineyard in Niagara-On-The-Lake; Nick and I love stopping there when we go wine tasting.

Sweet Bakery Brant made our gorgeous cookies and cupcakes for us; Stacey always takes my vision and branding, and executes so beautifully.

We provided each of our guests with beautiful goodie bags full of our absolute favourite products.

Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors:

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