As I write this, it’s December 31st of 2019 and I’m sitting here self reflecting on the past twelve months; the beautiful moments, triumphs and challenges that occurred. It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post but this morning, I’m feeling the need to write my thoughts out and share them with all of YOU…so here we go!

WOW…First off, where did 2019 go?! Every year seems to fly by faster than the last and self reflecting always reminds me to try and live as presently as possible because time is so fleeting. This year was FULL of changes for our family and also me personally. We bought and flipped a house, I travelled more for work than I have ever before, we lost my Nana and Nick’s Grandmother, too. Nat and I started our podcast (which now feels like we’ve been doing forever), Brielle and Mila have grown and evolved in so many ways – their personalities shining more brightly than ever. We’ve faced challenges as a family of balancing it all. Nick adjusted to me working more (and he is the best father EVER because he’s stepped in like a champ). I’ve personally faced the challenges of trying to be enough for everyone; for my family, my job, and myself. I think it’s a battle that most of us face in some capacity, and I’m always navigating that fine line (and learning how to eliminate the word ‘balance’ completely from my vocabulary because let’s be honest…there’s no such thing).

But some of my real ah-ha moments are the following:

I’ve learned this year that when you have a deep calling within you, a fire that you can’t tame, to follow it and see where it leads you. I’ve become more comfortable with listening to my inner voice; that inner knowing of life ‘tapping you on the shoulder’ trying to get your attention. I’ve learned to listen to it, explore it and see where it leads.

I’ve learned to be comfortable with not being liked. This is a bit of a strange one, but for so many years I had worried about ‘people pleasing’ – figuring out ways to ensure I was loved by everyone. This year, with the help of my bestie (and podcast partner), Nat I’ve become confident in sharing my voice and thoughts freely, even if they aren’t adored by everyone.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to evolve and change. Overall, this has been a year of transition and growth for me, personally and professionally. I’ve realized that as humans, we aren’t meant to stay the same…we change as life circumstances do, and that is OK.

I’ve learned that experiences have more value than anything else. Spending quality time with my loved ones, being available to them, listening intently as they share their stories; this is what really matters. Turning off from work and choosing to be present is what people need; what we all need. I’ve learned to do more of this.

I’ve learned that things go wrong, and they cannot always be put back together the way they were before. BUT…with that said, I’ve learned that you can go through hard times and continue on while looking…always searching, for the good moments. I’ve learned that always, always looking for the good moments in times of challenge is what gets you through.

So there you have it, my 2019 recap. Happy New Year to all of you reading this; sending an abundance of love, good health, and happiness for your 2020!

Lots of love,

Alexandra xo

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