Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts Under $30!

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Hey, friends! So excited to share with you Gift Guide Number 2…and today, we are on a budget! I was out shopping this weekend and stocked up on some beautiful and affordable hostess gifts for the holiday season. If you could use some inspiration on how to stay on budget with your gift giving, then definitely check out the items below.

My Cozy and Festive Holiday Decor

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As most of you probably know, I LOVE the holiday season. It’s such a special time of year, full of Christmas traditions, spending time with friends and family, giving to others, and sharing the magic of Santa with Mila and Brielle. Some of my most favourite childhood memories are the ones that involve the Christmas season. I’m getting nostalgic here, but one of my fondest memories was going to Church on Christmas eve for the candlelit service. Even as a young little girl, I remember holding the lit candle in the darkened room, singing Silent Night and my heart being so full of gratitude and excitement.

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Everyday Girl

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Holiday season has officially kicked off, and we are super excited about it! The countdown is on guys, and there are only 7 weeks left until Christmas! One of the biggest struggles during the season of giving is figuring out what in the world to buy for your friends, family members, teachers, employees, and all of the others on your list.

Balancing Work & Family: Figuring Out How To Do Both Well

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Okay, ladies. I asked you all on Instagram several days ago what you wanted to read about on the blog this week, and many of you mentioned tips on achieving a better work/home balance. Some of your suggestions tied into this topic, with questions like ‘How to make more ‘ME’ time. All I do is give to everyone else’ and ‘How can I get rid of the working mom guilt?’ Clearly…the struggle (and juggle) is REAL.

Easy Cranberry Citrus Loaf

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When the holiday season arrives, I begin craving all of the flavours that are in this loaf. Cranberry and orange are the perfect wintery combo, and can we just talk about the smell from the oven?! You don’t need to be burning a candle when you’re baking this loaf, that’s for sure! The aroma is amazing!! This loaf is definitely more of a ‘dessert’ or ‘sweet bread’. Typically when I’m baking for the family, we limit the sugars and use replacements that are healthier options.

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