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As I sit here writing this blog post, I’m giddy with excitement! I love sharing brands with my audience that I love, and what makes me even happier is that all of the brands I’m sharing today are Canadian!

There’s something incredibly important and special about supporting our local stores. And the thing is, there are so many amazing ones! So, here’s a list of my all time favourite Canadian shops that I’m pretty obsessed with! (Oh and disclaimer: Although I’m working with just a few of these shops, all of my thoughts are completely authentic. I would never share any product that I don’t believe in). 


Shop Name: Sweet Kyla

As some of you already know, Sweet Kyla is an upscale Canadian designed baby bedding and decor company out of Guelph, Ontario. They have been around for over 40 years and they create beautiful, on-trend designs for all things nursery. I’ve been working closely with Sweet Kyla on creating a dream bedroom for my little Brielle, and the whole experience has been nothing short of perfect.

First, I love supporting companies that are driven by women, and the women that drive this business are amazing. They have made the process of choosing the right fabrics and picking out the right decor pieces easy, because it’s obvious they are passionate about what they do.

But, lets get to the specifics on why I love their products so much. Sweet Kyla’s team cuts, sews and inspects each piece of fabric in their Guelph studio (amazing!!) to ensure your baby is receiving the best quality possible. Their linens are free from harmful toxins and dyes, and this alone made realize that Sweet Kyla is a stand out in their field.

When you invest in a nursery with Sweet Kyla, it isn’t meant to last you a year or two. It’s meant to last a lifetime. Their throw pillows, beautiful blankets and baskets, drapes and bedding will not fray and tear, simply because the quality is impeccable. Oh, and just so you know – Sweet Kyla also makes duvet covers, so when your baby does transition out of a crib, you can continue to have their matching set in a larger form. Sweet Kyla screams “custom” and I love it!

One other fact about Sweet Kyla (because this makes me SO happy) is that they utilize over 95% of their fabrics, and therefore minimal product waste is disposed into landfills. Sweet Kyla donates any unused fabric to volunteers who make pet toys for the local animal shelters, as well as to local schools. I love companies that give back!


Shop Name: Jack & Lily

Jack and Lily is an infant and toddler footwear company out of Vancouver, Canada and I am SO in love with this brand. The company was developed by a Mother who was tired of seeing poorly built and designed footwear for kids.

My toddler, Mila has flat feet (she gets it from her mama) and I’ve always been mindful about the types of shoes she wears as I don’t want to cause her any discomfort. When I learned about the foot wear from Jack and Lily, I was super excited!

First, Jack & Lily has the most adorable styles. I’m a sucker for baby mocs, but I’ve always wondered why the bottoms of the mocs were never supportive enough – then I found this company! The bottoms of all of their shoes are non slip and built for outdoor use. In addition, their shoes are made from non-toxic, breathable genuine leather and they are built to flex and stretch, making them healthier for your babies feet. Amazing!


Shop Name: Urban Playground Designs

Urban Playground Designs is a wooden design shop  out of Toronto, Canada  that makes incredibly beautiful wall decor pieces for a child’s bedroom, or any other room in the house for that matter. The owner of this shop hand creates each item from start to finish, and makes every piece completely customizable and unique to your description. I’m obsessed with this beautiful wreath, and I can see it complimenting a nursery or a living room perfectly!



Shop Name: The OVer Company

The OVer Company creates multi-use, all in one baby covers that are breathable and safe for little ones. I love this company because it has developed one item that can be used multiple ways (Hallelujah! Anything to make our lives easier, right mamas??)

The multi-use cover specifically is designed for car seats, nursing breaks, and for shopping carts. I’m madly in love with their beautiful patterns and I would highly recommend to any new mom!


Shop Name: Adelisa & Co

Adelisa & Co. is a baby and kids good company that makes gorgeous macrame hammocks and leather shoes. I’ve been obsessed with their hammocks for a while now. They are essentially little baby/toddler swings that would complement any decor space beautifully, but the practicality of them is SO there. Any child would absolutely love swinging along in them, inside or outside.

I love their story just as much as I love their products. Adelisa & Co was developed by two best friends who met in Canada. Their beautiful products come from a favourite vacation spot of theirs in Nicaragua, and they work with the local artisans, paying fair price for their fabrics, etc. They also give back 10% of every sale to young families in Nicaragua who are in need.

So there you have it, my current Canadian faves! Share below if you have any shop favourites that I should be checking out! xo

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